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Video camera systems are made to go down the inside of your drains and will let you see exactly what the inside of your pipes look like. There are many possibilities as to what is wrong with the sewer pipes, such as clogging with waste, sediment, and dirt buildup or even cracked pipes that have roots growing in them. If this happens, we are able to see the problem and locate it with accuracy using our video camera and locating camera line inspection

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If you have questions or need additional help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We welcome you to visit if you need more information on a slab leak busted pipes under your slab, or just give us a call. Our expert plumbers are experienced in all types of repairs. Let us help you with your video camera inspection plumbing needs today!Phone Number

How we Video Camera Your Drains

video camera drain lines

When we arrive at your house to video inspect your drain lines, we need access to the lines through a wall clean out or another opening going into the sewer system. Sometime we may need to pull the commode or remove p-traps under your sinks to push the video camera lens through the pipes. The video camera is attached to a stiff cable that feeds the picture back to a video monitor so that we can see the inside of the drain pipes and locate problems or breakages. After we locate the problem area, the camera head has an in-line transmitter that sends a signal we can locate with a locator wand. This wand has indicators that tell us where the potential problem is and how deep the pipe is located under the slab.

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